For All Mankind and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Definitive Comparison

Star trek Deep Space Nine and For All Mankind: Are they the same show?

For All Mankind and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Definitive Comparison

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But first, I procrastinated a little bit by coming up with this comparison between For All Mankind and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. For the seventeen people who have seen both shows, are you ever in luck.

The shows share not only some creative DNA (Ron Moore, David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, among others, worked on both). They are both meaty, good dramas that have a few flaws here and there, but in general, are pretty awesome and well-crafted and thoughtful. How many dramas unite Big Ideas and excellent character studies and also Outer Space Adventures? Not enough, that's for sure!

A final note: Please be aware that being a Space Dad is a state of mind. Anyone of any gender can be a Space Dads. I love all my Space Dads, including you, if you are a Space Dad (and even if you are not).  

Anyway, I came up with this. Please clap.

Space Dads   = Deep Space Dads

For All Mankind = Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Danielle = Sisko

Molly Cobb = Odo

Karen = Quark

Dev = Zek

Ellen = Jadzia Dax

Tom Paine = Weyoun

Gordo = Bashir

Ed = Worf

Tracy = Nog

Aleida = Miles O’Brien

Margo = Vedic Winn

Wernher von Braun = Dukat

Danny = Ezri Dax

Kelly = Jake

Gene Kranz = Gowron

Bill Strausser = Rom

General Bradford = Damar

Sergei = Garak

Wayne Cobb = Keiko

Deke Slayton = Martok

Space Marines = Klingons

Helios = Founders

Russians = Cardassians

Test pilots = Bajorans

NASA = Federation